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2X4 wooden presents

diy 2x4 projects

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What a perfect way to use up leftover scrap wood and decorate your front porch for the holidays at the same time!

What you'll need:

scrap wood
acrylic paint
clear acrylic spray sealer

Take your pieces of wood and give them a good sanding to remove any rough edges.

When your wood is nice and smooth, you can paint it in any color you prefer.  I decided to paint mine white so that I could add some bright ribbon to match with the rest of my holiday decor.  When your paint has dried, spray it with some clear acrylic spray sealer to protect the paint.


After your sealer has dried, tie your ribbon around your present.  I used some hot glue on the back of the ribbon to make sure that it stayed knotted and in place.  Then display your gifts!

diy winter wreath

driftwood wreath


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