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Tomato cage plant stand

repurposed tomato cage

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At the end of the summer I found a few heavy duty tomato cages that were on clearance for $1 each at our local big box store.  I knew I could use a few more and my dad had wanted some as well so I grabbed a few extra.

Of course when I got them home, dad had already bought his and I had too many.  Oh well.  I was sure I could find a use for them anyway, especially for $1!

I took one tomato cage and turned it into this beautiful Christmas tree for our front porch.  This one was getting turned into something I've needed for quite a while - a tall plant stand.

What you'll need:

heavy duty tomato cage
wire cutter
metal file
spray paint (optional)

Start by  flipping your tomato cage "upside down" - so the stakes that you would poke into the ground and point upward and the cage is resting on it's flat end.  With the ends sticking up in the air, cut off those stakes with your wire cutter right where they meet the first circle.


When you have trimmed off all 3 stake ends, take your metal file and file those rough edges down until all the metal is smooth.  This is where your pot will sit, so you want to make sure it's smooth enough not to scrap up your pot.

Now you can paint it up if you want.   I used 2 colors to give mine plant stand more of an ombre effect to it.  When it's dry you are ready to add your potted plant.  What size pot you need will depend on which size tomato cage you got.  The good part is they don't have to be a perfect size,  just close enough to fit inside of the opening and rest in it.

The best part about this plant stand is the height.  I have a few plants I need to bring in winter and with not enough south facing windows,  this was the perfect way to bring the plant up higher so it can actually see the sun all winter long.  It's perfect!

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