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DIY tiki planter

diy tiki planter

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Doesn't this tiki face make an adorable planter?!  Especially for my aloe plant.  It gives him some wild and crazy looking hair.

He has a nice sandy looking texture and the best part?  He cost me a buck!  Yes!!

What you'll need:

a tiki cup (I got him from the dollar store)
Rust-Oleum multi-colored texture spray

Take your tiki cup and give it a coat of the texture spray.  I chose this caribbean sand color and love it!  It totally looks and feels like sand too.


I gave my cup 2 coats to make sure it was nice and thick and covered good.  Once it is dry completely just add your plant.  Succulents are perfect for a planter like this.  I added a handful of rocks to the bottom for drainage and for more stability.  Then I added the dirt and my medicinal aloe plant

Don't you just love his hair?!  :)

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