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DIY succulent planters and pots

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After living in the Phoenix area for a few years I fell in love with all the succulents I could grow.  Unfortunately, when I moved back to Wisconsin I could not get them to grow good anymore.  It's different buying a succulent from the store that's been watered constantly when you're used to them hardly ever needing water.  It seemed to always be a challenge for me to get them to adjust to a new watering schedule.

But I LOVE having succulents at home, so many times I have to go with a fake one.  At least it always looks great right?!

For this little craft I used a fake succulent, but you could also use real ones.  Maybe I'll attempt real again.....someday.

The best part of this diy craft?  You can get all the items at the dollar store.  Even your fake succulent!

You will need:

a candlestick
a 4 pack of these little bowls found by the regular plates and bowls
E6000 glue
your plant of choice

Run some of your E6000 glue along the top rim of your candlestick and attach the little bowl to the top.  They fit on top perfectly!

Let the little planter dry and then fill it with your plant.

I plant to fill just a small bowl with a succulent as well and make a little display of all my favorite succulents.

diy succulent planter

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