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DIY reversible wood sign

reversible wood sign

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Want to make your DIY stretch through 2 holidays?  Then you have got to make one of these reversible signs for your front porch!

You can do any holidays or any season.  I chose these two because I had plenty of fall decor.  You can do snowman, santa, scarecrow, bunny, leprechaun or any other character you can think of.

What you'll need:

some wood (I used a 1" X 6" X 18" standard board)
2 paint stir sticks
acrylic paint
staple gun and staples
clear acrylic spray sealer

Start by making sure your main piece of wood is sanded down nice and smooth.  Then you are ready to add your stir stick for the brim of your little guy's hat.  Attach it by stapling it to your wood with your staple gun.   Then use your second stir stick and attach it to the back side of the wood, lining it up with the stir stick on the previous side.

Then it's time to paint him.  Decide which holiday's you'd like to make decor for and then choose your little character face.  I like to find a picture I like for a little inspiration and then go from there.  Start by sketching the face on your wood with a pencil first to make sure the spacing is good and you like the design and then all that's left is to paint in the lines.

Once you have him completely painted on both sides, give him a good coat of your clear acrylic sealer to help protect your paint job.  Don't forget to spray both sides.

reversible wood sign

Then he's ready to be displayed!

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