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Upcycled records into bookends

upcycle records

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Since we aquired an old record console we have been on the hunt for some great records.  In our search, we've also gotten many old records from family and friends, many of them that were scratched and didn't play.  I just couldn't throw them out so I had to repurpose them!

And this was perfect.  I made book ends to keep all the good records together!

What you'll need:

2 records
loaf pan at least 2.5" deep
pot for boiling water
E6000 glue

Start by boiling a pot of water.  I just filled up a pot of water and didn't measure, but you'll want more than enough water to completely fill up your loaf pan.

Place your loaf pan in your sink.  Once your water is boiling, use hot pads to dump the boiling water from the pot into your loaf pan.  Set your pot down and then grab your record.  Dip the bottom part of your record that you plan to bend, into the hot water and your record will almost immediately soften and become flexible.

Take your record out of the water and mold it into place on and around your book end by bending the bottom of the record to completely cover the bookend.  I laid my bookend against the edge of my table so that I could get a good grip on it while it cooled.  Make sure that enough of your record gets dipped into the water so that you have enough of the record soft enough to mold.  If you mess up and it cools into the wrong position, no problem.  Just re dip the record into the hot water and start over.


I wanted my record to have some more dimension to it, so I took the time by dipped other sides of the record into the water to give it more of a wavy appearance.

Take out your E6000 glue and glue your record into place on the bottom and sides of the bookend.  I placed some heavy books on my record to hold it tight against the bookend as it dried.  Let it dry for a few hours or at best, overnight.  Then you're ready to display your books, or records!

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