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DIY PVC birds

pvc birds

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Ya'll.... I love these birds.  I really do.  They are adorable and look so cute posed in little spots in your yard.  Plus, they make great gifts to sell or give and have been so much fun for our family to make and sell since they pretty much sell themselves.

I've also made a few other birds in a few crazy colors, but these are the favorites and definitely the most popular.

What you'll need:

 jig saw
4" pvc pipe
drill and drill bit
heat gun
acetone and old washcloth
spray paints for plastic
optional -  rhinestones or plastic eyes & E6000 glue

Ok.  Put on your safety glasses and let's get started!

Begin by creating a pattern of y our bird.  This part was ...... frustrating .... irritating ..... annoying ..... to say the least!  It took me a very long time. I wasted a lot of time, even more money and a lot of pvc until I finally got a great pattern.  Then I wasted even more time and money trying to to create 4 more different birds. 

Lucky for you, you can save yourself all that wasted time, materials and money and get all 5 of my patterns here.

It is an instant PDF download you can purchase that contains patterns for the blue heron, flamingo, large egret, woodpecker and small egret along with a much more detailed tutorial as well as many more photos to help you along.

This DIY below is very basic.  You can find the full tutorial with more details, photos and patterns here.

Now that you have your pattern drawn up, trace it onto your pvc pipe. 

Once you have it sketched onto your pipe you need to cut it out with your jig saw.  Cutting pvc with a jig saw is a little bit of a learning curve, so just keep practicing!

You can use schedule 40 pvc pipe or the thinner walled pvc pipe.  I highly suggest using the schedule 40.  It is much more sturdy than the other pipe and will hold up much better and much longer.

When you have your bird cut out, use your file to smooth along all of the edges.  Jig saws can leave some sharp spots especially where corners meet and using your file will make them nice and smooth.

Once you have your bird nice and smooth along the edges you will need to use your heat gun to reshape your bird.  Please follow your heat gun's manufacturer's directions.  Your heat gun gets extremely hot, so be aware of where you are setting it down and use gloves to protect your hands.

Aim your heat gun at the area you are working on until the area begins to heat up and become pliable and then reshape the area to how you would like it to look.


Continue working your way along your bird reshaping his head, beak, neck, body, wings and legs.


When you get down to his legs, make sure you bend some of the pipe forward so you can drill a hole in his feet so you have a way to anchor him down. 

Next it's time to clean him up.  Use your acetone and an old washcloth to remove all the printed ink on the pipe as well as all the ugly marks that are on it.  This will make him nice and white.

Now he's ready for some paint!  Depending which bird you make will depend on how you paint him up.  Make sure to use spray paints that are for plastic and I would also suggest spraying him with a clear acrylic sealer to help protect the paint.

Then it's time to display him.  Use screws to attach him to something sturdy such as a concrete patio block, a piece of heavy wood or to a deck or pier step.

These birds are so much fun to make and more fun to sell since they pretty much sell themselves!  Ready to start making your own?

Click here to get the 5 bird patterns and full tutorial in PDF.

Here are some of the other birds completed:

pvc birds      pvc pipe birds

pvc bird patterns      pvc pipe birds

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