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DIY pvc bird house

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Living in a very wooded area, we love our little feathered friends.  We feed them, give them water and try to give them many options for homes for their nests.  This one was one of our favorites!  It is very easy to make and quite inexpensive as well.

What you need:

4" pvc pipe
4" pvc test cap
a dril
1" circular drill bit as well as a bit the same size as your dowel
4 small screws
wooden dowel same size as drill bit
wire for hanging

Start by cutting your pvc to length.  You can use a chop saw if you have one or you can use a hand saw.  I cut a few pieces because we planned to make a few birdhouses for our birdies.  I cut them at around 6" long.

I started out by drilling the 1" holes in my houses.  This is where the little birds will go in and out of their house.  I put each hole about 2" up from the bottom of the pipe.  When those holes are drilled you will need to use your smaller drill bit to drill a hole for the dowel to go in so your bird can have a perch to get into his house.  I had a 1/4" dowel left over from another project so I used my 1/4" drill bit.  You can use whatever size you want or have.

Once all the drilling was done, I decided to paint my bird houses.  You can also do this when you are all done, but I wanted my tops and bottoms to stay paint free so I painted them at this point.

Then it's time to attach your top and bottom.  The bottom especially needs to be attached well so that your little babies don't have the chance at falling out.  I drilled in a small screw on each side of the bird house so that the cap would not fall out, but I could still remove it if I needed to.

Then take your piece of wire and wrap each end around the screw to make a nice little hanger for your bird house.  Then push in your little dowel piece and you are ready for your feathered friends to come and stay awhile!

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