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DIY dollar store patio lights

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Want to add some awesome lighting to your patio for CHEAP?!  This is perfect!  Plus these lights look great during the day and at night.

You will need:

a string of LED christmas lights (LED lights do not get as warm at other lights)
shot glasses - enough for your amount of lights
hot glue gun and glue

Start by getting your glue gun all warmed up.  Once it is nice and hot, take the tip of the gun and WITHOUT squeezing out the glue, press the tip into the middle of the bottom of the shot glass.  Do not force it, but let the heat from the glue gun slowly melt a hole into the bottom of the shot glass.  Melt the cup until the gun has gone all the way through and made a hole about the size of one of the light bulbs.  If it's too small, press your glue gun through again and make the hole a bit bigger until the bulb nicely fits through the hole and can attach to the glass at the base of the bulb.

Continue making a hole into the bottom of each cup until you have them all done.  It's a little time consuming, but once you get the size down you'll be able to breeze right through them all.  Because these cups are a harder plastic, they tend to crack when trying to put a hole in other ways so we found this as a great way to make the holes.  You can definitely try other ways if you prefer!

Once you have all the holes done, it's time to glue them on.  The easiest way I found to attach them, was to add some glue around the hole on the outside and bottom of the cup and then push a light through the hole and into the glue to dry.

Continue to glue on each light until you have your whole string done.  It may seem like it's taking all day, but trust me, it'll be worth it!

Once you have the last cup done it's time to hang them up and patiently wait til sundown to enjoy your perfectly lit patio.

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