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DIY magnetic spiders halloween decor

diy halloween decor

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When we started to decorate for halloween the kids insisted on getting some spiders.  They had them on the porch, the patio furniture, everywhere.  I wanted them to stay in one place and I wanted them outside so we came up with this DIY:  magnetic spiders for the garage door!

What you'll need:

plastic spiders
black spray paint
E6000 glue

I found my spiders at the dollar store, but I'm sure you can find plastic spiders at most craft stores or even your big box stores.  You can maybe even find yours already black!

Start by spray painting all of your spiders and letting them dry.


When they are dry, use your E6000 to glue a magnet to the back of each spider.  Make sure that you glue the back side to the spider so the magnets will stick to the garage door.  Be sure that they are completely dry before you hang them too.

diy halloween decor


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