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DIY halloween wreath

halloween wreath

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I love using deco mesh to make wreaths.  They hold up so good, come in a huge variety of colors and they are so easy to make.  This time, we're making one for halloween!

What you'll need:

wire wreath frame
a halloween mask
deco mesh  (we used 2 purple and 1 black rolls)
black pipe cleaners

I found all of my items at our local dollar store so my total cost was $6.  Can't beat that!


Start by cutting each pipe cleaner into 3 pieces.  You can either attach a few pipe cleaners to your frame or do it as you go along.   Gather together the end of your deco mesh and attach it to your frame with a pipe cleaner.  Move down your frame about 5", let your mesh bubble up a bit and then attach it to your frame.  Continue working around your frame until your wreath is as full as you would like it.  I used up all 3 rolls on my wreath frame.


When you have your wreath frame full, you can add your mask.  I cut the elastic band in half and used that same elastic to attach the mask to the frame by tying it in a knot.

Then you are ready to hang it up and scare all your guests away!  ;)

pumpkin lights

repurposed shovel


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