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Decorate inside of your unused fireplace

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We have a beautiful fireplace that we do not use.  With our 2 crazy newfoundlands I am way too scared to purposely light a fire inside the home.

So I wanted to decorate inside it.  I tried the  Filled it with flowers......ugh.  Nothing looked right.  Until I found a spare copper colored tin in the basement and wanted to use it somewhere in the house.  Ah ha! 

I gave the tin a fresh coat of a silvery gray spraint paint and let it dry.  Then I added in some pieces of driftwood I still had laying around.   I purchased aset of battery operated 50 strand lights in warm white and then wrapped them around the driftwood.

Now, when we wish we had a fire going in the fireplace, we start up the lights.  It gives such a nice, warm glow in the fireplace and I don't have to worry about any tails catching on fire.  Win-win!


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