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Driftwood towel holder

diy driftwood towel holder

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When we began remodeling our new house I knew I wanted the bathroom to have a more coastal feel, but without putting up seashells and mermaids everywhere.  I like the simple look, but I still like a theme.

So when we were putting the final touches on it, I wanted some type of a towel holder, but I hate those ring bars and those long handle things drive me nuts.  I'm OCD when it comes to certain things and unless the towel is hung perfectly it makes me crazy!

I was in the middle of another project with some driftwood when I realized that would be perfect - driftwood!

What you need:

a piece of driftwood that is rather flat on both sides (you can always sand or saw down the back side)
2 screws
drill and bit

If you  need to, smooth out the back of your piece of driftwood so that it sits flat against your wall.

Then attach your hook or hooks to your driftwood.

To make sure your wood is attached to your walls properly, I located the studs in my walls.  I held up my driftwood to where I would like it to go and then made little marks on the wood where it lined up with the studs.  I predrilled  holes into my driftwood and then attached the driftwood into the studs with 3" screws (my driftwood was just under 2" thick).

You could also use them by your front door to hold jackets, hats, keys, beach stuff.....anything!


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