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DIY body sugar wax

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I LOVE this stuff.  I mean I REALLY LOVE this stuff!  This type of waxing or sugaring is very popular in Egypt.  You can find a lot of information online by looking up sugaring or egyptian waxing.

Now people are different.  Hair is different.  So while I may love it you may hate it.

I love this because it's natural - just sugar, water and lemon juice.  Yes my friends, that is all that is in this.  So no chemical reactions, no burns, etc.  It's so safe you can eat it!  I also love not needing strips. 

Now applying this stuff can be a challenge.  It may be difficult at first, but stick with it, it gets much easier.  I'm not going to get much into that - you can find plenty of videos on YouTube.  I just want to give you the DIY recipe for the wax itself.

You need:

4 cups sugar
2/3 cup water
2/3 cup lemon juice
tall stock bot for boiling (it bubbles as it's boiling so you need a tall pot)
a candy thermometer
a container with a cover to store it in - I used a regular plastic container that can hold about 4 cups of liquid

Put all your ingredients in your pot and set your heat to medium.  Now you are basically going to leave it on the heat until the temperature reaches 255*F.  Keep watch of it though, because as it is heating up it will start to bubble up out of no where and can spill over the top of the pot.

Once the sugar has reached 255*F remove it from the heat and let it cool a bit.  If you plan to store it in a plastic container you want to make sure it's cool enough to pour into your container without it melting it.  I usually wait about 30-60 minutes and then it's ok.  Don't wait too long though, otherwise it will harden in the pot.  That stinks.


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