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Copycat DQ crunch coat ice cream topping

crunch coat

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I realize some of you may have never heard of this are missing out.

Some DQ's offer a crunch coat topping for their dipped cones instead of just chocolate.  I'm not sure which DQ's offer it and which don't, but they all should.  This stuff is great!

Since we aren't able to buy crunch cones from DQ on a regular basis, the kids begged me to come up with my own version of a crunch coat.

So I did.  And it's amazing!  The kids and hubby actually thought it was better than the DQ version and I might humbly agree.

Here's what we you need:

Planters salted carmel peanuts

That's it!

Chop up your peanuts and then mix them half and half with some sprinkles in a bowl.  Then make up your ice cream cone and dip it in your crunch coat.  Then devour! 

You're welcome.

crunch coat


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