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PVC Bird patterns and tutorial (PDF)  $20 USD

pvc birds

You are not buying an actual pvc bird
You are buying the patterns to make the birds yourself.

PVC birds are a fun and unique craft that you can make and sell at local craft fairs, markets or on your own.  They are so unique that they tend to sell themselves.  I typically sell my birds anywhere from $15 for the smaller birds to $35-40 for the larger birds, but you can set your own prices depending on your creativity, location, etc. 

Your PDF download will include:

  *  Printable patterns to make the following 5 birds: 

     Blue Heron, Large Egret, Flamingo, Woodpecker and Small Egret. (pelican not included)

  *  49 pages of pictures, patterns and detailed instructions

  *  How to prepare your patterns

  *  Tracing your patterns

  *  Cutting out your birds

  *  How to heat and cooling your birds

  Shaping your birds

  *  Painting your birds

  How to prepare and display your birds

  A complete list of all the materials needed to make and paint your birds

You will need a printer to print off your patterns. 

All patterns will print on a traditional  8.5" X 11" size piece of paper.

My bird patterns will make birds of the following sizes.  Sizes will slightly vary depending on how you mold and shape your birds.  The following sizes are approximate based on how I have them molded in the picture above:

Blue Heron = 37" tall
Flamingo = 35" tall
Large Egret = 30" tall
Woodpecker = 14" long
Small Egret = 14" tall

You will instantly receive the PDF download after your purchase.

Make sure to download and save it to your computer.

You may print off the patterns and sell the birds you make with them as your own.
You may not resell my patterns or the PDF.  

( When you click the "buy now" button you will be asked to confirm that you want to buy the PDF before purchasing.  When you confirm you will be sent to a secure website to process your order and download the file. )


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