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upcycled ladder

Blanket ladder

diy blanket ladder at CrazyDiyMom

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I am obsessed with blankets.  I need different sizes,  different colors and different textures.  I  need one for cool nights, one for freezing my butt off nights and one for relaxing on the weekend.

You will need:

a one sided ladder
and blankets!

This is such an easy projects.  Not really a diy, but a repurpose.  My ladder was pretty much ready to go.  It was from a set of bunk beds and already painted, so I just had to give it a bit of touch of paint.  I also had to remove the hardware that was on it.

If your ladder is older, you may need some sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges before you paint it.  I also have my ladder resting against a wall, so I attached some of those pads that you put on the bottom of a chair leg to protect a hard floor to help protect my wall a bit.

Paint your ladder.  I used acrylic paint, but you could also use your favorite color of spray paint or just stain your wood if you wish.  Let it dry completely.  Especially if you are staining it, you want to make sure it had dried thoroughly before you hang blankets on it.

Once you are sure it is dry, fold your blankets to nicely fit on between the sides and hang them over the rungs.  When someone tries to actually use one of those blankets say "those are my pretty blankets, go find a different one to cuddle up with!"  :)

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