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DIY beach inspired pumpkin pails

beach inspired pumpkins

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Living by the beach, I love to incorporate a coastal feel in to all of my holiday decor.  With my main decorating done in beach colors like gray, white, teal and coral, some of the typical holiday colors don't blend in it well and that makes my OCD act up.  :)

So when fall arrives, I need a way for my porch to say "welcome fall", without all the bright orange pumpkins!

This DIY is so easy and brings the beach and pumpkins together - sand textured paint!

What you'll need:

a plastic pumpkin pail
Rustoleum multicolor textured spray paint


Can you figure out what to do?!  Yes, just spray paint your pail and wait patiently for it to dry.  Once it's dry you can fill it with so many different things:  pine cones, acorns, seashells or even a plant!

Plus, you can use it for halloween with the face showing and then flip it around and leave it out through the fall season.


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